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As your central communication platform, OPC Router provides automated data exchange between PLCs, databases, MES, SAP® systems, printers, Excel and many more systems. Data transfers are triggered time- and event-based. There are no limits regarding number of users, tags, transfers and connected systems.

Ease of Use!

OPC Router is easy to use. Simply create your connections via Drag & Drop. You neither need to be an automation nor an IT expert. If for example you want to connect your Shopfloor and Topfloor systems (e. g. your PLC with SAP) just select your data source and target, browse and pick your tags, define your trigger - and you‘re done!

Your Standard Production Data Hub

OPC Router enables automated data exchange and acts as your standard middleware and central communication platform for all your systems and stand-alone solutions.

Must-Have IoT & Industry 4.0 Software

Visual configuration with exemplary monitoring and highly reliable renderings makes the OPC Router your number one choice as fast and efficient pathfinder and trusted companion for your Industry 4.0 projects.

The clear graphical user interface allows you a perfect overview and easy understanding of your connections at all times. In the status display, you can monitor your active data transfers live and view the actual values.

OPC Router implements communication between various systems.

The implementation is realized by "plug-ins". Each plug-in is configured according to the special requirements of the data source and target system. For the realization of your project, you only need to license the plug-ins you need for your application. Then connect your systems with each other and your industry 4.0 system is ready to go.

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