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800xA version 6 :  It's all about control

ABB's sixth generation of System 800xA enhances security, and supports upgrades on older
platforms.System 800xA is known for delivering productivity through consolidating process,
electrical, safety, and telecoms in one system and providing the ultimate high performance 
operator control room environment featuring the Extended Operator Workplace.

This sixth generation release, commonly called v6, is not only for new projects but has been 
specially developed to support upgrades of older DCS systems running on unsupported
operating systems such as Microsoft XP.

System 800xA v6 provides customers with a more secure automation environment that lowers the total cost of ownership, while providing countless opportunities to improve operational productivity.

Control your security

Adding to its industry-leading security features like Advanced Access Control, White Listing, and means to monitor and manage the control system's security integrity, the newest version of 800xA empowers users with the ability to operate an even more secure system with:

  • Use of the latest Microsoft operating system Windows MS 8.1 / Server 2012 R2
  • Improved system installation that automatically sets policies to simplify system hardening
  • Digital Code Signing to ensure software legitimacy code
  • Immediate access to approved anti-virus files

Control your costs

800xA v6 provides the ability to lower costs for new projects, retrofits, and upgrades:

  • In addition to virtualization, performance improvements and multiple core technology can optimize the automation system's footprint significantly leading to reduced capital and lifecycle expenditures.
  • A new Foundation Fieldbus High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Linking Device is available that can further reduce engineering and installation costs by being able to be installed directly in Zone 2, Class 1 Div 2 areas.

Control your productivity

800xA v6's collaboration platform and its built in functionality allow you to tackle money saving initiatives and implement productivity enhancing solutions for a fraction of the cost of adding third party software and hardware.

In addition to alarm management, advanced control, video systems, safety, electrical integration, power management, and a host of other embedded capabilities, System 800xA v6 adds:​

  • Wireless mesh routers to its portfolio, enabling the safe and secure deployment of mobile and maintenance clients.
  • A new information management platform providing secure connectivity to 800xA so that data can be safely collected, viewed, historized and reported above the control system layer.
  • An embedded Public Address System is available that allows text to speech announcements to be broadcasted in multiple languages from 800xA.
  • Trends have been enhanced in 800xA with the addition of alarm indication, auto-scaling, and adjustable sloped gridlines.
  • New ways to visualize data is available with the addition of the System 800xA Collaboration Table providing a 3D view of plant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Batch management performance has been improved through the use of a new multi-threaded batch procedure executing environment.
  • New packaged services are available from ABB and CGM to make it easier to design and build a state-of-the-art, ergonomic, productivity enhancing control room that includes the Extended Operator Workplace.


AC800M Controllers

The AC 800M controller is a family of rail-mounted modules, consisting of CPUs, communication modules, power supply modules and various accessories. Several CPU modules are available that vary in terms of processing power, memory size, SIL-rating, and redundancy support.

Each CPU module is equipped with two Ethernet ports for communication with other controllers and for interaction with operators, engineers, managers, and higher level applications. A Flash memory card can be inserted into a slot in the CPU module to store the application and data.

The connectivity and expansion options make the AC 800M exceptionally open and scalable, that is, easy to connect to the surrounding world of supervisory systems and intelligent devices of all kinds - and adaptable to changing requirements as the process it controls changes or expands.>

  • Scalable, cost-effective design
  • Common environment for process and power automation and safety
  • Fault tolerance for maximum plant availability
  • Open architecture reduces lifecycle costs
  • Integrating, for plug-and-procedure connectivity
  • Comprehensive maintenance features reduce downtime
  • Flexible I/O for all plant environments
  • Wide-ranging control functionality meeting all needs