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Steel industry demands to use many equipments in their limits due to high demand in power, bad environmental conditions, time restrictions etc. To get sufficient results, you need to work with real experts. Assumptions can cause big mistakes when it comes to reality. ASP Automation Ltd. has successfully finished many automation projects in steel industry. 

Steel production process requires continious transfer of sources and work with tight toleransses. Demand to both production increase and high quality needs production stability. To compansate short interruptions in process flow steel plants needs to get good and accurate info about source of problems from control system. One problem can terribly affect whole plant production. 

Steel production means high tempratures on motors, conveyors, control equipments etc. Time is very critical in many areas of process flow. Mathematical calculations is also used in its production control process. Every part of production process should comminicate each other to maximize total quality.

Production change or process flow change requests is also common in steel industry. Number of drives can change a lot from one type of steel to another. Control system and program must be flexible enough to fulfill all of these demands

Also simulation of programs, process flows, acceptance tests are asked most of the time.

ASP will understand your limitations and be aware of your risks, bottlenecks etc. Not only we are using the most 
advanced standart programming technics but also make them compatible to standarts. We produce user frienly, 
flexible, open and reliable control sytems
. In general you will get,

  • Fast and problem free start-ups.
  • Right selection of controller equipment to fullfill process demands.
  • Complete documantation for future referances.
  • Quick return in case of problem after production started .
  • Wide training supports.
  • Easily adaptable user friendly process displays.
  • Less process interrruption, efficinet use of energy, workforce and resources.
  • Production stability, quality increase and decrease of costs.
  • Good conversation from process data to useful information.
  • See your comming problems and fix it! before it happen.

When you decide to built automation system in your steel plant, let us add great values with our experienced professionals.