Trabzon Madencilik Çimento San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Trabzon)

Turn Key 1. Line DCS Automation Freelance DCS Installation AC800F Programming Service

ASP Automation Ltd., has successfully finished many automation projects in cement industry. Vertical and horizantal raw mills, weigh feeders, rotary kilns, homogenizing silos, cement transport and cement silos, mixer, electrofilter unitsand other auxilary systems such as elevators, hidrolic and gearbox lubrication etc. units can be given as examples.

Cement production process requires continuous transfer of sources and work with tight toleransses. Demand to both production increase and high quality needs production stability. To compansate short interruptions in process flow cement plants need to get good and accurate info about source of problems from control system. One problem can affect whole plant production. 

Cement production consists of heavily temperature and other motor protection signals due to its big sized equipments. Mathematical calculations are also used in its production control process. Every part of production process should communicate with each other to maximize total quality.

Production change or process flow change requests is also common in cement industry. Number of sources or amounts can be change a lot from one type of cement to another. Control system and program must be flexible enough to fulfill all of these demands. Also simulation of programs, process flows, acceptance tests are asked most of the time.

ASP will understand your limitations and be aware of your risks, bottlenecks etc. Not only we are using the most advanced standart programming technics but also make them compatible to standarts. We produce user frienly, flexible, open and reliable control sytems. In general you will get, less process interrruption, efficent use of energy, workforce and resources.

  • Production stability, quality increase and decrease of costs.
  • Follow process steps much more easily.
  • Good conversation from process data to useful information.
  • See your comming problems and fix it! before it happen.
  • Detail production reports.
  • Very good start to "expert systems".

Build your dreams on strong base. Strong base needs high quality cement. Cement needs perfect automation system. And we promise that you will get it all by using our solutions.